Cutting You with a Gamma Knife; Dan Jones, Ole Miss, IHL and why you should care.

You would have had to have been under a rock, or just busy trying to work and make a living to have missed the news that has sent tremors through Oxford and the School up North.

The Mississippi college board, known as the Mississippi Institutions for Higher Learning (IHL) has erupted in psuedo-scandal when the decision was made to not renew Dan Jones’ contract to be the continuing Chancellor of Ole Miss, and thereby overseer of the Medical School.

The brouhaha centers around his management of contracts that relate to UMMC and his lack of getting IHL approval of certain contracts.  It seems that personality conflicts have as much to do with the issues as it relates to “sloppy” contract oversight.

What seems undisputed is that no tax payer dollars were misappropriated and there was no self or backdoor dealings .

Conspiracy theories abound as to “Why?” Do Hank Bounds and Dan Jones hate each other?  Did Governor Phil Bryant want him out? Is Haley Barbour behind the scenes pulling strings?  The so-far-unanswered question is what is the real story.  Contract issues? Political favors? Or, is it the Gamma Knife?

The Gamma Knife is a $5 Million Dollar, stereotactic radiosurgical instrument that shoots 192 beams of cobalt-60 radiation, with pinpoint precision at brain tumors.  The med school bought one a few years back.  It turns out the space allotted for the Gamma Knife is not appropriate.  Essentially it will not fit through the door and the floor is not strong enough to support its weight.  So the Gamma Knife has been in the broom closet for 2 years. But, that’s not the whole story.  The Gamma Knife has also been the subject of litigation.  Another competitor with a Gamma Knife said that UMMC needed a Certificate of Need to get one and so they should be prohibited from using it.  This resulted in litigation which led to the Gamma Knife being sheathed, pending the litigation.  Ultimately, UMMC prevailed.

So what is the solution?  Regardless of the motives, the IHL’s own admission is that Dan Jones did not misappropriate any monies.  The mistakes were due to the mountains of contracts and the inefficiency of the school’s systems and procedures to manage those contracts at the time. All of which are fixed.  The Solution is for the IHL board to say it acted in haste, acting upon the best information available at the time and that upon further investigation that Mississippi is best served by Dan Jones carrying on. Dan Jones needs to take some heat for past inefficient handling of contracts and a promise to do right in the future.

Can this be done? Who knows? Are politics at play or is this really about contracts and following the rules? Why do you care? We care because “Did MS oust a good leader over politics?” Or is the IHL being the “watchdog” they portend to be?

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney and usually sticks to article about Family Law, but when given the opportunity to write about Gamma Knives, always takes a cut at it.  Watch Out! Or, Dan Jones might cut you with his Gamma Knife. 

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All the Way to the Supreme Court…

I hear this a lot. “I’ll take this all the way to the Supreme Court!

Spring Break 2015, Louisiana Supreme Court

There are a number of potential stops throughout the appeal process (read more about appeals here) before your case will get to the Supreme Court and there are multiple Supreme Courts.

It’s not too uncommon for your family law case to make it to the Mississippi Supreme Court. All appeals from Chancery Court are filed with the MS.S.Ct., though most are assigned to the Mississippi Court of Appeals.

Should you appeal from the C.O.A. (or, if the MS S.Ct. keeps your case) then the MS S.Ct. will hear your case.

For your Family Law case to go further, it would have to include a Constitutional Issue or a Federal Question.  Within Family Law there is an exception to Federal Courts having Jurisdiction, so most likely your Family Law case will not be in Federal Court.

Confusing? Sure, but just know this, your Family Law case is important, though it may not make it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and has been involved in over 20 appeals.  

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Attorneys are Like Used Cars

Used car salesmen, stock brokers and door-to-door salespersons have tough reputations, at least the internet says so.

Well, what about attorneys? Lawyers represent the 4th highest rank of depression for any given career.  Attorneys are like used cars.  Some are shiny and look great on the outside, but are held together with JB Weld and duct tape on the inside.  Some look rough and haggard, but can get the job done in an economical fashion.  Some are much more expensive than necessary, but it’s your choice.  Some are just not equipped to get the job done.  Given this, how do you know what you are getting?

  • Ask.  Ask your friends, family and neighbors who they used? How was their experience?
  • Inspect.  You interview the lawyer as much as they interview you. Can they explain the law in terms you understand?
  • Listen.  Are they telling you just what you want to hear?

As Forrest Gump said, “You never know what you are going to get.” But, with a little homework and due diligence you can avoid getting a lemon.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Litigation Attorney in Mississippi and warns you to avoid the Lemon Lawyer.

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