Don’ t Pull Tricks

Lawyers have a bad reputation. Some deservedly so.

But a good rule of thumb is to not pull tricks.

I was representing a client when they called in a panic around noon during the week. The alarm was going off at the house.  I told them to call the police and go check on the house.

The police responded and cleared the home. Upon inspection, my client discovered the back door was kicked in, the phone lines cut and just about everything that could be moved was, including the dishwasher.

The client called me asking if she should report a robbery.  So, dear reader, you are wondering why is this client calling me? Well, just a few days prior the client’s spouse was served with a complaint for divorce and a request for temporary relief. I informed my client that she had in fact not been “robbed,” but that her husband had hired a local attorney. She asked me if that attorney had called or filed something. No. I could tell by her spouse’s actions who he had hired.

It was discouraging and disheartening, but alas, apparently not illegal.  However, we had a temporary hearing soon thereafter and everything taken that should not have been had to be returned and the damages caused and expenses related to his conduct were reimbursed. It gave no tactical advantage and made the other client and opposing lawyer look like jerks in front of the judge.

Similarly, clients have the option of pulling tricks. Misrepresenting the facts, creating circumstances that make the other party look bad and knowing the other’s dirt may allow for a temporary advantage that could backfire. Also, if you know it’s bad advice, you don’t have to take it.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law attorney and strives to give good advice and not pull dirty tricks.

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Happy National Bow Tie Day!

A friend reminded me that today is National Bow Tie Day! It snuck up on us, yet again.

Lego bow tie from Lego Extravaganza 2014.

You can read about the origin of the TLF trademark Bow Tie, “Why the Bow Tie.  You can peruse a list of notable bow tie wearers and even educate yourself on the history of bow ties.cropped-img_4394.jpg

Happy National Bow Tie Day!

Matthew Thompson is a bow tie wearing Domestic Relations Attorney in Mississippi and wishes you a very warm and Merry National Bow Tie Day!

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CraigsList Sales the Safe Way.

You can find some smoking deals online. Furniture, cars, and fishing supplies, among a plethora of other items are available.  But along with hot deals comes the potential for shady dealings.

However, Rankin County has a solution. The Rankin County Sheriff’s Office and multiple police departments in the area are creating “Safe Zones” for online “Craigslist” type transactions in the parking lots of at the Sheriff’s Office and police stations.

Rankin County Sheriff, Bryan Bailey, and many of the local police chiefs in Rankin County are encouraging the public to use the agencies’ parking lots and/or lobbies for their online transactions when a face to face meeting and exchange is required.

Many of these locations are under 24-hour video surveillance and have a constant flow of law enforcement personnel at all hours.

“We believe that this will prevent robberies and violent crime, and we hope this will make our citizens feel safer,” said Sheriff Bailey. “Providing these ‘Safe Lots’ are something positive we can do for our community at absolutely no cost.”

The following locations may be used;

Rankin County Sheriff’s Office in Brandon

Brandon Police Department

Pearl Police Department

Flowood Police Department

Florence Police Department

Pelahatchie Police Department

Reservoir Police Department

*Hat tip to Jackson Jambalaya for getting the scoop.

Matthew Thompson is a Domestic Relations Attorney in Mississippi and likes getting a good deal just like the rest of you!

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